The Stable

It would be too cliché to say that it was a mid-life crisis. More like an escape from the corporate day-to-day and search for something with visceral feeling to get me out of my comfort zone. In the mist of a flurry of life's curveballs, I fell into converting a Honda CB350 into a cafe racer. When the wrenching became too greasy for the garage, an old wooden, two-stall stable surrounded by oak trees and green pastures became my sanctuary. With my darkened hands against the cold metal I began to lust after the freedom that came from pushing my bike out of the stable doors after each tune. From the Speed Stable, I fell in love with the craft, the ride, the life of speed. My name is Steve Sharp and I want you to live the life, lust for freedom, and love the speed too. Welcome to Speed Stable.


Not long after I started to ride, my love of speed took me from the backroads to the track. Speed Stable Racing was born on the turns in NOLA when one race turned into a circuit. The speed of the track was only counterbalanced by the unity of the moto-brotherhood. Each race introduced me to the uniqueness of the fabric of the culture. Each stop a chance to reconnect with old friends and awesome personalities. The love of speed and moto-culture is distilled to its most potent at these races. Not too many tech companies have their own home-grown racing team. At Speed Stable Racing, we move from race to race for y'all, our community. You can follow our race progress and other glimpses into the life of speed through our speed journal and on social media.